Treating your whole body may include:

Herbal Medicine

Using both liquid herbs, tablets and creams, this is a fast way to improve your health and well-being when you are feeling flat.  I use a combination of  Western and Eastern and Oceanic Herbs.


Mineral Therapy

Using assessment tools and methods, we work together with mineral supplements and diet to balance your bodies mineral profile, which improves all body systems.


Nutritional Medicine

We are what we eat so it is always important to look at where your diet can be improved and in some cases treat with nutritional supplements.


Flower Essences

Are a form of vibrational therapy that cures, not by attacking anything, but by flooding the body with the vibrational essence of that flower which in turn allows the body to heal.


Your First Consult

An adult initial consultation usually takes 1 ½ hours, we focus on your current concerns and past history including your family history.  Initial consultations include, nail, tongue, iris and dietary assessments.

Your Follow up Consultations

These consultations can take up to an hour depending on you and your health status.  It can include some testing like simple blood pathology and Mineral and Heavy metal scanning as well as focusing on how we can continue to improve your well-being.

Acute Dispensary

If you are too sick to come for a consultation, just a quick chat on the phone is all that is required and I will make up your prescription for a family member to pick up.  This is also available for clients who need a repeat prescription without the need for further consultation.  We tailor to special needs as well, just call me.

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