Are you a migraine sufferer?

Migraine is a term used to describe symptoms which can occur for multiple reasons. When you have a migraine you are not deficient in a particular drug however you may be deficient in basic minerals or your tummy might be upset; it can be structural e.g. wry neck; it can be caused by dehydration and sometimes allergy and other causes. As a Naturopath, I will listen to your whole story, ask lots of questions, sometimes do some testing and reach a conclusion and then treat the cause as well as the symptoms with natural supplements.


Any child with a cough or cold or ear infection or 'flu is low in specific vitamins and minerals. This is also true for moody kids, teenagers and often adults. They can also improve dramatically with a herbal formula made just for them. Come and see me at Forest Lake or Kenmore for Natural Health Solutions for the whole family.

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